Parking Info

To locate your car more easily, color-coded zones are on all levels of the parking deck. In the deck, 5,600 spaces are available for hourly parking and daily parking. The Airport Remote Lot (surface parking) has 900 parking spaces. A complimentary shuttle is available from the Remote Lot.

Cell Phone Lot

The Cell Phone Lot is a parking area provided for drivers waiting to pick up arriving passengers. This lot accommodates up to 40 vehicles and is a free service with no time limit. Drivers are required to stay with their vehicles while waiting on their passengers to contact them by phone that they are ready for pickup. The Cell Phone Lot is located on Airline Drive.

Hourly Parking:

$1.00 per hour

Hourly parking parking is available for persons parking at the airport for less than 4-hours.

Hourly parking is located on level 3 in the parking deck. Use the entrance ramp of the deck to access hourly parking. A crosswalk to Concourse B is closest to zone A, B, and C in the deck. A crosswalk to Concourse C is closest to zone C, D, and E in the deck.

To access the terminal you may use a crosswalk, including stairs, or take an elevator to the ground level.

Daily Parking:

$12.00 per day

Daily parking is intended for persons parking more than 4 hours at the airport.

Daily parking is located on level 2 and 4 through 7. Also a small number of daily parking spaces are located on level 3. Oversize handicap vehicles may enter the parking deck at the designated entrance located at ground level.

Should you need assistance or have inquiries concerning parking, contact the Birmingham Airport Authority at (205) 599-0730.

Parking FAQ

  1. Where is the Airport Remote Parking Lot?
    The Airport Remote Lot is located on Airline Drive near the terminal area. Turn Right off of Airport Hwy at University Avenue and left onto Airline Drive. Parking rates for this lot are the same as the daily parking rates in the deck.
  2. How do I get to the terminal from the Remote Lot?
    An Airport shuttle van will transport you and your luggage to/from the terminal building. Shuttle vans operate continuously between the lot and the terminal area.
  3. What if my car won't start?
    Should you find that your car battery has died, the Birmingham Airport Authority will assist by starting your car FREE OF CHARGE. Simply contact the Birmingham Airport Authority at (205) 599-0730, or use one of the yellow call boxes located throughout the parking deck. In addition, you may inquire at the Airport's Operation Center located near Concourse B, lower level.
  4. What if I forget where I park?
    That's okay! An Airport parking deck attendant at the exit toll booth(s) will assist by use of the auto tags computer inventory to locate your car. You may also contact a member of the parking staff by using one of the yellow call boxes located throughout the parking deck.